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WhatsApp Spy Software to Monitor Employees Social Networking

The entrepreneurs around the world have been employing different tools and tactics to monitor their workforces. While some use human labor to supervise employees’ activities at workstation, many large scale enterprises use software and applications to keep their workers under surveillance. With the widespread adoption of social media and instant messengers in businesses, it has become crucial to supervise employees’ social networking. There are more than a few social media spy software that allow employers to remotely monitor social media activities of their workers to prevent them from wrongdoings. In this article, we have discussed how WhatsApp spy software of TheOneSpy facilitates employers in monitoring workers’ performance.

Role of WhatsApp Messenger in Businesses

WhatsApp messenger is the most popular instant messaging app being used by people across the world. A majority of individuals use this instant messenger for text messaging, audio and video calling. The businesses have also started using this communication app for internal and external communication. They use the app for interacting with co-workers, managers, executives, clients and third parties. It is crucial to supervise this interaction to prevent workers from unproductive and malicious talks. The monitoring can also avert misunderstandings, flaws and ensure quality of services provided to current and potential customers.

WhatsApp Spy Software

There are monitoring and spy apps that are developed to supervise the activities performed on social media and instant messaging apps. While there are many reliable names to mention, TheOneSpy is one of the most trusted and efficient application for social media monitoring. The app is intended for employers to supervise the online and offline activities of their workers.

Once you install the spy software on the Android mobile phones of workers, you can remotely monitor and manage these mobile phones via online control panel of spy software. After installation, the spy app gets access to the data stored on the targeted device. This includes messages, call logs, contacts, emails, internet history, photos, videos, keylogs and other relevant information. The data is then uploaded to the online control panel from where it can be seen and retrieved anytime and from anywhere.

The cell phone spy software also allows spying on social media and instant messaging apps installed on the monitored device. It includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, Vine, Viber, Hike, Hangout, IMO, Zalo, Skype, Telegram, Tumblr, Tinder, Yahoo, Kik and many other instant and social messengers. The online chats, call logs and media files exchanged via these social apps get uploaded to the online control panel.

Track WhatsApp Chats

The instant messaging app enables users to communicate with their online fellows in form of text messages, voice messages, stickers and emoticons. The employers can read all incoming and outgoing instant messages of their employees to ensure these messages do not involve harassment, inappropriate information or disclosure of sensitive company information. All WhatsApp chats of workers can be reviewed without getting access to their cell phones and right from the online control panel.

Track WhatsApp Calls

As well as text and voice messages, the WhatsApp spy software lets you track WhatsApp calls of your workers. The end-user can track audio and video one-on-one and group calls made and received via monitored cell phone. The spy software fetches WhatsApp call logs from the monitored cell phone and uploads to the online control panel. These call logs enable employers to know from whom their workers have received calls and to whom they have made calls. They can also access contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Track WhatsApp Media

The instant messaging app allows exchanging photos, videos, voice recordings and document files in different formats. The employers can track files exchanged via WhatsApp messenger to ensure their workers do not transmit any sensitive company information to unauthorized persons. It also let them know if any worker is offending, humiliating or harassing other co-worker by sending objectionable media via WhatsApp messenger.

The spy software syncs all photos, videos and files transmitted and received via WhatsApp messenger. These files get uploaded to the online control panel from where they can be seen and retrieved anytime.

That is not all. The spy software also enables employers to capture every single WhatsApp activity of their workers with the screen recording feature of the WhatsApp spy software. You can know more about the instant messaging and social media spy app by visiting TheOneSpy website.

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