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Shopify Affiliate: The Art of doing Business Better

We live in a highly digitized world where everything is literally available at the click of a button. Today, many of us would not probably go to a corner grocery store or a gift shop to buy a product; instead, we would probably log-in to an e-commerce site and buy anything we want, at a discounted rate that too. Just to take you back a little- Ecommerce was invented by Michael Aldrich, way back in 1979, to facilitate ease of business between customers and sellers. But the actual computer mall was launched in 1984 in US and Canada. Through this article we aim to give you browse through the Shopify affiliate program and the importance of ecommerce.

What is ecommerce?

So with this began the slow and steady boom in the ecommerce industry, transitioning many businesses online, over a period of time. Today, there are multiple platforms where you can build your ecommerce site and start doing business without too many hitches.

What is Shopify?

Founded in 2006 by 3 visionaries, Shopify has become a leader in providing complete web based ecommerce solutions that allows you to set up an online store to sell your products. It is a great platform to meet and greet buyers and sellers. Some popular ecommerce websites powered by Shopify include- Budweiser, The Economist, Penguin Books, Tesla Motors, Red Bull, The New York Stock Exchange, Kylie Cosmetics amongst others. Shopify, like other ecommerce websites, allows you to design, add your products, set up complete payment getaways, along with any pages you want added, to get you started. It is as simple as this.

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Shopify is all about making your business grow and reach out to millions of people worldwide. It is easy to maintain, highly secure with multiple encryptions and serves as a single platform to aid your revenue generation. Before we come to Shopify affiliate program, let us understand what affiliate marketing is all about.

What is affiliate marketing and why is it so important?

Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting products with different channels in exchange of a commission. A marketer signs up for your affiliate program and generates leads / visitors to your store; any sale that is made by that visitor because of the marketers efforts, earns the marketer rewards. Usually this system works in a way wherein the marketer either charges a flat amount of the sale made or a percentage cut of the sale made. Either ways, there is a lot of scope of referring and earning through an affiliate program.

what is affiliate marketing

Every affiliate program is supported by an effective tracking system at the backend. Here, the person running the affiliate program can check the amount of sales and leads generated by a marketer and / networks. It definitely helps to get the product or website or service its due promotion and helps the person earn a buck too. It is a simple system that can be used through any channel i.e. promotion through websites, reviews, links on other websites, advertising through social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Today’s world you are continuously faced with stiff competition and in order to get ahead or stay at par, you need to have an active set of networks that will help you break through the market. This is where affiliate marketing plays a major role; it not only gets the people involved in your product but also gives incentives to you and your chain of networks on conversions. However, there is a catch; affiliate marketing may not be good for every type of business. You need to shell out a chunk of your profits or money in order to keep that affiliate program running and getting to ultimately get a sale. If you have poor profit margins, then do not venture into it immediately.

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What is Shopify affiliate program and how does it work?

There are a couple of ways you can earn money through Shopify; however, in this section we will be concentrating on becoming an affiliate or a partner with them to earn that moolah.

  • Shopify is already a well-established brand name and you do not really need to work hard on promoting the brand as such
  • They have a continuously running affiliate affiliate program and a market niche
  • They accept all sorts of marketing thresholds like PPC, email marketing, CPV, banner displays, all forms of social media marketing and so on. It is easy to promote products through different channels to start earning
  • You need to simply sign in to the Shopify affiliate program to start
  • Go onto the Shopify link-apply for the affiliate program-fill in the details-confirm email-become a partner

how shopify program work

  • When you are approved to become a part of the affiliate program, you will be receive a confirmation within, normally, 2 working business days, that will include you affiliate link, marketing banners, as well as additional resources to help you begin
  • Generate a link and you can start promoting the products online by adding the links
  • com is one of the affiliate program apps that seamlessly integrates with Shopify store with just a few clicks and is extremely customizable
  • There are two ways to get paid as a Shopify affiliate- either through lifetime revenue or a commission on every sale
  • Depending on the recurring volume of sale, you can negotiate on the commission as well, but all that absolutely depends on the store and products
  • Anyone can become an affiliate be it housewives, working people, bloggers, entrepreneurs, influencers and many more
  • You would see some of the most brilliant minds in the Shopify affiliate program including great bloggers, social media mavens, media networks, business leaders, YouTubers, Educators, etc.

A Shopify affiliate program helps you to reach out to millions of users at the same time and ensures that your website or product or service is getting good visibility. Today there are multiple affiliates associated with Shopify alone, who help to promote the business and create a strong network of individuals.

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