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How to improve your online marketing with Amazon AWS service?

There are many online marketing aspects with Amazon AWS services that can boost your digital marketing campaign and it has the support of case studies which have helped sites to optimize its stance in marketing in the competitive industry like the digital marketing business. There are a few promising case studies that show efficiency and unusual features of the AWS service that positioned it to be among the most credible and reputed webs service providers today.

Social and mobile solutions apps

The AWS provides different mobile and social applications to its subscribers who are as effective as internet-based solutions of marketing for businesses. AWS delivers scalable access to content delivery, cache, storage, search, and database features, making it quite easy to run apps for better experiences of the customer to the business website.

The AWS social and mobile solutions have great storage and database capabilities which allow for the deployment of different apps at a fast speed. It provides users with the capacity to select a programming language platform that is convenient for them. The automatic scaling features allow for administration of apps which respond promptly and efficiently as per the demands of distribution and traffic of services saving the site against lost profits and idle time.

AWS provides different cloud services for different infrastructures that allow users to select the appropriate ones for the business and pay for the specific service alone. It helps marketers to save money that would be spent on the unnecessary operating burden.

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Create personal web hosting with high AWS performance

You can curate high-performance hosting that will support your sites, e-commerce apps, and product landing pages with high technologies. These AWS components will be highly competitive with other hostings. You can say that your hosting is redundant, highly scalable, and resilient using DevOps. As at now, AWS is extremely competitive as compared to other data centers. It enables applications and data to be replicated automatically across different zones and regions. You can use WHM/Cpanel for over twenty small sites. However, if you are maintaining a few sites, do not use GUI panel or Cpanel as they will slow your site’s speed and impact the performance of your site. If you are rebuilding your high performing websites, mobile app, and web app, do not use WHM/Cpanel.

Live media entertainment and video streaming with AWS CloudFront

CloudFront is terrific, and you can deploy the video streaming service to stream live video content. The AWS suite offers a live streaming service that will help you broadcast videos to support requests. They have bandwidth cost and data transfer, but it is still easy to have third party services of technology in one box.

Services of cloud computing

The best feature of AWS is that it has flexible cloud computing services that run on software that allow users to choose the cloud computing platform of choice. It is also crucial to use content management system tools for the site without issues while using AWS to run them. Since web traffic is not uniform through the day, AWS can adapt to its processing needs of data management. There are many platforms of cloud computing available, and you pay for the people you use and find relevant to your business market.

AWS is a driver towards accomplishing online marketing business goals and constructing a scalable pipeline of analytics to track traffic and user data. The analysis helps your firm to come up with informed decisions and come up with competitive technology advantage. AWS analytics will give you an edge in online marketing.

Use dedicated IPs per site for SEO

There are many reasons as to why marketers like dedicate IPs per site. It can be for SEO purposes, backlink construction, rotation of the site’s public IP, and much more. AWS enables you to come up with sites with unique IPs per site. To finish this task, you will have to attach elastic network interfaces per elastic IP and then assign every elastic IP to specific interface.


If you own a digital agency willing to get cloud but do not know business benefits, cloud scenarios, and use cases, you must research on the use of the AWS service in online marketing. You need to open your mind to the benefits you will get from Amazon. Today, digital firms have adopted modern environs on the VPS to come up with individual hosting data centers.

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