How To Choose Right Domain Name For Your Business or Profession

Finding the right domain name can be a tricky business, and indeed, can mean the difference between success and failure in the online marketplace. As such, it is important to consider the following before choosing a domain name:

  •  FOR NEW SITES:  Depending on your branding angle, pick a domain name that is either highly brandable (meaning that it can be easily and positively associated with your product or service) or one that has your primary keywords in it. Use a short and memorable domain name. It is fine if it does not have your keywords in it if it is memorable. For serious, long-term
    websites, a memorable domain name will be one of the key ingredients to success.
  • If your domain name exactly matches your keywords Google places a relevancy bonus on your site. (ex: ranks easily for both seo and seo book).
  • If you are going to be working in competitive fields, or if you will have large sites, you may want to use a different domain for each different language you are targeting.
    Examples of domain names I own:
  • Get Right Domain Extension : Depending on your targeting audience and area. If you are targeting audience of only india so it’s better to use .in extension its also help in SEO.

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