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Digital marketing Is a Strategic Ball Game

As an entrepreneur when you think about your digital marketing strategy, you are bound to get baffled and confused. Well, before you plan out the digital marketing strategy, you have to have your business growth strategy in place because the global digital advertising expenditure will surpass the TV ad budget by the end of the year 2018. Now, that calls for a serious analysis. Yeah, you have to rethink your strategy.

1. It is a strategic ball game:

When you look at your competitors’ strategy, you might get scared because people are spending insanely to toss you out of the business. And that is the way the world is operating. Hence, you have to look at this present scenario objectively.

Yeah, look at the big data and start playing the strategic game. And that starts with your objectives. Ensure that you define your long term and short term goals accurately. And they should be properly aligned because the short term goals will set the tone for your long-term goals. Apparently, they both are interconnected.

2.Formulate the right digital marketing strategy:

Once you have identified your objectives, now, it is time to formulate a digital marketing plan. And that should start with your website. You need a stunning website that can pull audiences and grab their attention.

 There are other technical factors that will also come into play as you delve deeper and explore further. Aspects such as mobile friendliness, SEO and SMO are the things that you need to consider before finalizing the strategy.

And then, of course, you have to look at the e-commerce and mobile app too. The E-commerce and the App economy are booming. Here, you are confronted with a lot of technical challenges as well as functional and financial challenges.

You have to decide the course of action and you have two options. Either you can carry out your digital marketing strategy by yourself or you can outsource it.

Now, you again have two options, either you can outsource the work to company situated in your locality or you can choose an offshore web development company. And this could be a little tricky affair because a lot of things get interconnected with each other. Hence, it makes perfect sense to look at the whole outsourcing process objectively that includes the challenges and benefits.

3. The Benefits of outsourcing web development work?

The benefits are in limitless but you need to take the right route to garner the benefits otherwise, the whole outsourcing idea can backfire. So, what should be the right approach? Yeah, this must be the immediate question.

First, you have to choose the destination that you want to outsource. Well, finding and IT consulting company India can be a perfect idea because India has been the most preferred destination for decades now. The companies like IBM, GE and other Fortune-500 companies also have chosen India as their destination. Well, there are reasons behind their decision.

First, India is known for a cost-effective solution. Yes, the country is one of the fastest growing economies and talents are available in millions and this availability of exceptional talent and skilled professionals makes it the best choice because you can get the highest level of work at a reasonable cost. In addition, the infrastructure is superlative.

In fact, the Indian government also proactively invests money in developing the infrastructure to attract foreign companies. Well, choosing India to be the outsourcing destination should be ideal because the climate is conducive.

Moreover, by outsourcing your web development job, you will be saving money that you might have spent in establishing your own development team.  When you outsource your job, you actually outsource everything. From the web development to digital marketing that includes SEO, SMO and mobile app development process which not only saves money but also keeps things clean and organized.

The challenges:

Well, everything in the universe comes with its own share of problems and challenges and so does the outsourcing. The imminent challenge that you might face will be the communication gap but as far as Indians are concerned they are proficient in English and you should not have any problem regarding the language.

The brand consistency is one of the major issues that you might prove to be a challenge but this can be handled if you hire an offshore web design company that understands the cultural nuances. In fact, if you can communicate your idea properly, then it would not be a difficult task. All you need to do is to locate the best offshore web design company in India

The final thought:

Ultimately, by outsourcing your web development work to India, you will be able to get better quality work by spending less amount of money. In this digital age, the work culture is becoming more decentralized and outsourcing should be the best choice as far as profitability is concerned. So, choose wisely.

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Best Email Marketing Strategies

Most of us will agree that with the rise of social media marketing, email marketing has taken a backseat. Hardly anyone reads their emails anymore. Our mailboxes are almost always flooded with emails from various businesses and we all know honestly what we do with them. We either mark them unread without reading, archive them or unsubscribe from the particular mailing list altogether. But at times, it so happens that some of the other mail is too good to ignore. We end up opening it, taking a good look at it, actually take the pain to go through it and even go the length of recommending it our friends and acquaintances.

The crux of this tale is that for exceptional email marketing campaigns they need to be cleverly managed and drafted to catch the reader’s attention in an overflowing inbox. Marketing emails need not be drab and boring, but they can be personalized and filled with interesting graphics designed especially for mobile devices and desktops.

Another important point that most marketers fail to take into notice is that for effective email marketing, it is imperative that emails contain a meaningful call-to-action. The reason behind this is simple if brands are taking up subscribers’ time and also their inbox space-with every other email and then their message must have a point to it.

What is the need for an effective email marketing strategy?


It should be considered as a part of a business’ overall marketing strategy and business plan. It helps the businesses to market their products and services by using the email channel with high chances of making a profit and reaching their goals. This is simply because, best email marketing strategies take into consideration the target customers, their preferences and the benefits that they might be looking for as well as the products and the services offered by the business and the industry and which email marketing messages perform the best.

To achieve an effective email marketing strategy that transforms ideas into actions, businesses need to take these 3 steps:

  1. Best Email Marketing Strategy: How would businesses go about in achieving these goals
  2. Best Email Marketing Tactics: How are the businesses going to realize them in more detail. That becomes a part of the strategy.
  3. Actions: How are the businesses going to deliver on their tactics. Even more detailed, this covers the fulfillment of your email marketing strategy.

Finding the key to develop a stand-out message that clearly lets your customer know what you are trying to say but in an engaging and fun manner can be extremely difficult. The tips described here regarding email marketing strategy requires integration between your shopping cart and email list, automation, and list segmentation.

Personalize the messages

When we talk about personalized email messages we do not mean sending an individual mail to every single subscriber. By personalization, it is meant here that relevant customer data should be used in creating a personalized message. Companies like ‘Amazon’ leads the path when it comes to personalizing messages. A study by Experian discovered that personalized emails have the potential to deliver 6x higher transaction rates. The simplest form of personalization is to address the reader by their name. Most popular email providers in Delhi offer this service within their functionality and with this strategy, alone businesses can give a boost to their campaign performance. For instance, email subject lines that are personalized with a recipient’s first name can increase open rates by 16% higher open rates. If we take into consideration the fact that 47% of all emails are opened because of their subject line alone, then this would be a sure shot way to get more revenue.

Here are some more tips to personalize.

  • Asking for information directly
  • Use a real reply-to email address
  • Use your real email signature

Get to segmenting your subscribers

According to most email marketers, this is the second on the list to an effective targeted to your audience. Let’s go for this example. Consider that you are hosting a marketing campaign for e email marketing strategy. Segmenting your database will let your email campaigns become much more small business owners located within a 20-mile radius. So, what can you do to get the best turn out for your event?

It is through segmentation. Create a segment of people who list themselves as small business owners and are located within the 20-mile radius and send them an invite via email. The segmentation part is actually quite easy and can be achieved through CRM software. Segmenting also results in better open rates, leads, revenue, transactions, and more customers. Here are a few more tips on how to achieve segmentation:

  • Company Size
  • Industry
  • Sales Cycle

Create mobile friendly emails

We are much more active on our mobile devices than we are on our desktop, hence this strategy makes much more sense. Optimizing your emails for mobile devices will actually generate revenue and also increase your customer database. For effective optimization, follow these tips:

  • Implement a responsive mobile design (RED )- When you create a responsive email design it means that the user experience is optimized regardless of the device or the screen the customers are using. Most email service providers offer this within their email platform.
  • Short subject line and pre-header- the subject line is very important, hence stick to the point so that the reader knows what to expect. For the pre-header text, summarize the email or include a call to action.
  • Make the CTA big and obvious- Your call to action should be easily visible on all types of mobile devices, laptops or tablets.


With trigger-based emails, you do not have to constantly send them manually, but they are dispatched automatically based on user behavior. The most example of trigger emails is ‘welcome’ emails, ‘thank you’ emails and ‘transaction’ emails like confirmation emails and email receipts. Data collected for trigger emails have shown that they are slated to perform much better than traditional emails. The average click-through rate (CTR) for trigger emails is more than double the rate as compared to traditional email click-through rates. Here are some instances of trigger emails that you can consider sending:

  • Activation- When a new user creates an account but they fail to use your product within the first seven days, then create an ‘activation’ campaign that sends an automated email with their login information and other details.
  • Win-back- When the subscription plan of an existing customer is ending, and they haven’t used your product in the last 3 months, then you should consider sending them an automated email with a list of new products.
  • Surprise- Give your loyal customers’ freebies every now and then by creating a ‘surprise’ email that sends an automated email to your best customer.

Send an email over the weekend and between the 8.00 pm-midnight slot

The top email marketing strategy has found that the best open read for emails was found in the time slot from 8.00-midnight. The reason behind this is that if you can avoid the time when inbox crowding takes place then your emails will have a higher chance of being opened and read. Most emails come in the morning hour, hence you can perform better in the other time slot. Moreover sending emails over the weekend can be a win-win situation for you too. Since, the volume of emails sent over the weekend is low, hence margins for click-through and open rates increases to quite some extent.

“Email marketing is considered to be one of the strongest marketing channels and it is only because some businesses might not be using it properly which is the reason that they are yet to understand its full potential.”

If you are still not convinced, then these points might be able to convince you.

  • Email marketing has the potential of a big reach and can help businesses in putting their message in front of a lot of people
  • The marketer has a lot more flexibility in how they handle their email program
  • It is quite easy to start and businesses can start small initially
  • On an email marketing scale, the effort to send one or a hundred messages is almost the same
  • With email, businesses have the option to target and segment their messages on an individual level
  • There are little risks coupled with relatively low costs big potential for upside

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Backlinks & Their Types

What is a Backlink and what types are there?

If you are learning or want to learn about web positioning, you will surely have heard the word backlink, link or link.

Why? Basically, because backlinks are a very important part of web positioning.

Before starting to work with them, it is important to start from the most basic, to really know what a link is, what types of links exist and above all what they are for.

So, let’s start!

What are the backlinks?

The definition of backlink is that of an external link to your website, from another that points directly to your website or to any of its sections.this one is the best way to get ranking in search engine result page(SERP). With this Process, we have to link building of own websites to another website, Nowadays  Best SEO Company work on this process to get a quick result on SERP.

In HTML code a link would be written as follows: <a href=””> anchor text </a>

As you can see, the link is basically divided into two parts:

The URL of your web

Anchor text or anchor text

what is backlink of websites

What is the anchor text or anchor text?

When we generate a text link we have to use an anchor text, also called anchor text.

That anchor text will be the text with which our link will be visibly displayed and when the user clicks on it, it will take you to our website.

Anchor text functions

The anchor text of a link can have two main purposes:

– Generate clicks: If we put a link on a website that receives many visits and we put a very striking anchor text, the percentage of clicks will surely be much higher than if we use a more generic anchor text. Therefore, we can use it as a claim to get direct visits from it.

– Position: The anchor text plays a very important role in link building, therefore, we will have to think a lot of that text, as we will have to focus on our SEO strategy. For example, if we want to position “food for small dogs” maybe we can play with variations such as “food for dwarf dogs”, “food for tiny dogs”, “food for small dogs”, etc.

Links without anchor text

There are also links that are not text, links that directly apply to an image in a specific area or layer of the web.

These types of links are also tracked by Google, so it is also interesting to get this type of links.

In the case of images, even if we do not have anchor text, if we can use the alt = “text” tag , and introduce a text related to our theme in that alt to give Google signals about what our website is about, example: <img src = “” alt = “text” />

What does a link to Google mean?

A link to Google means a mention or recommendation from a website to yours.

That is, the more links your website has, the more recommendations you will have for Google, and therefore, the more benefit you will have in terms of SEO.

The links undoubtedly help position, but we cannot determine how many links you need to position a particular search as it depends on many other factors.

Some of these factors directly related to the links I will talk about in this article.

Links Do follow VS Links No follow

No follow links are links that include the rel = “nofollow” attribute within the link, for example

plo:  <a rel=”nofollow” href=””> anchor text </a>

Including this no follow implies that the robots of search engines like Google, when they find this link, will not follow it. That is, they will not track the content of it.

Therefore, a no follow link loses great value in the face of SEO because search engines do not follow these links.

A link do follow or follow, is the link that does not contain that tag rel = “nofollow”, that is, if it does not contain it implicitly it will be do follow the link. It is not necessary to use rel = “dofollow” in it.

This type of links do follow the robots of the search engines like Google, and therefore access them and track their content.

That is why these links do have a great value in terms of web positioning.

Links Sitewide VS Links Nositewide

Site-wide links are links that are placed in each and every URL on the web. That is, if a website has 1000 URLs, the link is replicated in the 1000 URLs.

These types of links usually appear in sidebars, footers, and menus.

This type of links can be dangerous because when repeated in so many URLs and with the same anchor text, an over optimization of the link profile can be considered. Therefore, we should not abuse this type of links.

A link no sitewide is a link that only appears in one or several URLs of the web but it is not repeated in the rest.

Generally, this type of links are usually links in articles.

A site-wide link would be as if the same person recommends you many times and having several links no sitewide is as if many people would recommend us once.

Following this simile, what is better for Google that someone recommends you many times, or that many people recommend you? Undoubtedly the second option is the best.

The theme of the webs that link you

One doubt that always arises is, if it has the same weight or value, to receive a backlink from the webs of the same theme or different.

Let’s give an example of real life, if you are a doctor, the recommendation that a gardening company can give you does not have the same weight, then the recommendation that a hospital can give you.

What did I mean by this? What about links counts more quality than quantity? If your website is about medicine, it will be better to give you web medicine recommendations than from gardening websites.

The authority of the websites that link you

Another doubt that arises in many occasions is, what if even being webs of the same theme, have their links the same value.

Returning to the examples of real life, if you are a doctor, the recommendation about you from an international doctor and with prizes does not have the same weight, at the recommendation of the doctor of a town of 50 inhabitants.

The same happens with websites, if a website of a very famous hospital which in turn link from thousands of sites, puts a link, will have much more value than a local link such as a hospital of a pueblo that receives very few links.

Conclusions about the links

Backlinks are, have been and will be a very important part of web positioning, and that is why it is necessary to learn more about them, how they work, how to create them, how to get them naturally and a long list of things that we should of learning.

In the same way, it is very important to know how to use them correctly, since a good use of them can make us climb positions in the Google ranking, but a bad use of them can make us sink and we earn a penalty from the search engine.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Daniyal Buksh a digital marketer and content strategist manager at flights to Stockholm from Manchester

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Must Know ON-Page & OFF-Page SEO Techniques 2017

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best & most valuable topics in Digital Marketing, We can say that SEO is the technic or process of improving the visibility of the website on Search Engine result pages LIke Google, Yahoo, Bing and More. Which is Organic, Natural, and Un-paid that means we don’t have to any payment of search engine result page(SERPs) for ranking?

SEO Techniques: (1) ON-Page SEO        (2) OFF-Page SEO 

ON-Page SEO: 

On-Page SEO In which we will do all thing on our website such as title, description, content, image Optimization, keyword stuffing, internal linking, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Sitemap HTML-XML, Schema etc. Overall the on-page technique means structuring or building your website to be search engine friendly.

OFF-Page SEO: 

Off-page optimization is the most important part of search engines optimization
because it gives backlinks to your sites and it requires a lot of work on daily bases. It helps to maximize website performance in search engine for target keywords. Off Page SEO Services are the best way to get more website traffic.

Improve Website Quality

How to Improve Website Quality Score For PPC Campaign?

Google Provide Quality Score factors Only on Keyword Which Totaly Depend on your website’s content quality and its optimization factors. Google provides a quality score in Out of 10. If your quality score better than you have to pay the little amount in PPC(Pay per Click), so we must make sure that My Website Must be the best quality score.


We here discourse that How can we Improve Quality Score of my Website?

  • Know How to improve CTR – 

1.  The ad should be relevant to your Ad copy.

2.  The ad which you create in Adword must be unique and attractive.

3.  Ad Should be in Top 3 position on search engine result page.

4.  We must have to use Ad Extension to creating your Ad more attractive than competitor AD than your CTR must Be Increase.

5. For attracting and increase CTR we can use Call to action term(CTA) as like Save, 20% Off and Discount types of term we can use convince any user and customer.

  • Know How to improve Ad Relevancy –     

1.  We have to make sure that Ad must be relevant to AD copy.

2.  To Improve AD relevancy we use Sub Domain for example if your domain name than your subdomain name like    

 3.  We always do try to use insertion dynamic keyword when we create any Ad in PPC.

4.  We can use the keyword in the headline.

  • Know How to improve Landing page –     

1. When we create any landing page for any Ad group that time we make sure landing page should be relevant to your targeted keys

 2. For improving landing page we have to do content optimization, URL structructuring, Meta Optimization and more thing we can do to improve landing page.

 3.  When we create the individual landing page for individual services that time we can use keyword stuffing but we have to keep my landing page in robot.txt root-folder so that my landing page quality score keep increase.

Let’s Know that- how to make your website Search Engine Friendly ?


There Are some Few Tricks That Make your Website SEO Friendly :

  • We Should integrate Social media into your website: 

    This is the one of the most important Factor to make your website Search Engine Friendly  For this, we must have to use social media element own website which helps to increase rank on Search engine result page and this fact is also useful to awareness of your website. therefore, when you create any types of website, make sure that you include social media icons on your website.

  • Make sure your URL is user- friendly and like a keyword: 

    When you select any domain for you any company that time you make sure that your domain must be relevant and like keywords, this one is also useful to increase ranking on search engine result page.

  • image optimization: 

    Many people only want to optimize the text only on their website, and no do the same thing for image so that they are not able to rank on search engine result page, I will be recommended you that you must have to do optimization also the images of your website which will be helpful to make SEO friendly, for image optimization, first of all, make sure that it is not toolage when you select images for your website, another thing is that image should be 30 to 100 KB and have a resolution of 73dpi. and also you have to use some keyword into the image tag’s attributes “Alt”,  this will help you come to Search Engine Result Page.

  • Use Keyword with the help of element on your Website: 

When we use any Element in any website we must have to use keyword into element’s attribute we can use elements like <img>  tag to optimise your website and title tags like H1, H2, h3, tag tags, website slogans, meta description, meta keywords, title-Attributes on link, Breadcrumb trails, footer link, URL’s, Filename, internal link, and folder also you can use for making your website SEO friendly.