Content Marketing: Hit the Mark with the Right Strategy

Content Marketing trends and strategies have undoubtedly increased manifolds over the years. With the great rise in the use of mobile devices, more and more people are reading content every day than ever.

Content marketing is the foundation of your business strategy. It gets three times as many leads as through the paid search. So, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to turn your visitors into customers and maximize your sales.

But, the most challenging task is to figure out the right content marketing strategies that hit the mark and ultimately pays off.

Don’t worry. We are here revealing the secrets of the most effective content marketing strategies to skyrocket your business.

Let’s dive straight in!

  1. Define the Goals and Know Your Audience

Define Customers

What’s your aim of creating a content marketing strategy? Know your goal before planning for the right content marketing strategies for your business. Define actionable goals for your content marketing that supports overall marketing goals of your business.

After that, know your audience. If you don’t know your target customers and what they want, all your efforts will go in vain. The best content marketing strategy is to answer your target audience’s questions and educate them. Create a buyer’s persona to know your target audience.

  1. Brainstorm Content ideas and Perform Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Now you know your target audience; you might be having tons of ideas for the blog post or videos. But for the successful content marketing strategy, you must be aware of the right ideas to grow your business instead of falling into a trap.

Do complete keyword research to get the right ideas for the blog posts. Make a list of the basic keywords for your brand and curate the ideas for the blog posts. You can use tools like Feedly, HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator to come up with the ideas for your next content project.

  1. Write Great Content: The Content that Offers Value

content offer

Analyze the form of content your audience is looking for write amazing and high-quality content. Your content reflects your brand’s personality. So, writing high-quality content greatly affects your business growth.

The content-rich blogs and articles keep your customers engaged. The content range between 300-2500 words is likely to attract more customers than the short content. The content with less than 300 words does not perform well in search engine rankings.

Also, include hyperlinks in your content. Linking outside sources in your content shows that you have done thorough research on the topic and helps in building your brand’s authority.

  1. Use On-Page Architecture to Guide the Readers

On Page SEO

The on-page architecture includes a good content with pace and variety. Bullet points, short paragraphs, headers, images charts, numbered lists are the guidelines to guide the readers.


Headers help the readers to know the key points of the whole content. H1, H2, H3, H4 tags in the content help search engines understand what your article is about and drives the readers on your post.

H1 tag- This is the heading or title of the blog post.

H2 tag- This is used for all the main topics of the blog

H3 tag- Content under the H2 tags are indicated by H3 tags

H4 tag- To indicate the content H3 tag, the H4 tag is used

These architectures increase the readability of the blog post and hence drive more visitors to the website.

  1. Conduct a Competitor Analysis

competitor analysis

Competitor’s analysis is the most effective and is an integral part of the digital marketing success of your business. It can help in various aspects of your business and helps in improving the conversion rate.

The simplest way to know what exactly your competitors are doing, their backlink building strategy, is to use the right automated tools.

You can search it through Google search or use the tool SEMRush. It is a great tool to know about your competitors. Websites like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs are also very effective to check what type of content is performing best on the competitor’s website.

  1. Build Engagement through Various Social Media Channels

social marketing

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter are no doubt attracts a lot of visitors to your website. But, the real engagement comes from the email list. Encourage the readers to join your email list to increase engagement on your website.

Email allows you to directly communicate to your subscribers. The goal of your email marketing should relate to your business goals.  Use social media channels to drive traffic and leads to your website and pay more attention to the email list to get more subscribers for your business.

  1. Optimize your Content for mobile

mobile optimization

According to the statistics, nearly 63% of the audience access web content with mobile devices. Google in 2017 also started ranking websites according to their mobile visibility. Websites that are not optimized for mobile means that they don’t provide good user experience and are not build with responsive designs.

So, optimize your website for mobile first. You can also use modern web search structure to improve your website’s mobile performance:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Image Optimization
  • Using Multimedia like videos and gifs

Content marketing strategies is a never-ending process. It should be followed and analyzed on regular basis to drive more customers into your business and increase your brand value. Implement these content marketing strategies into your business and don’t miss out any.

About The Author:

George is corporate relationship manager at Inc Academy – Provide Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai. He likes to share his knowledge on digital marketing topics.

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