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These days’ organizations are prepared to do everything so as to compete with the market. In this way, to connect with the potential customer all around, they require a Best Website Designing Company. Designing a website implies that you are giving the look and feel which visitors will find it attractive. After designing a website, it ought to be created at the back-end for its appropriate functionality.

There is a much difference between the role of a website designing and website development.  After going through this article, you will be able to find the differences between these two.

A web designer mainly focuses on the appearance or look and feel of the website which basically includes its layout.

Their main job about Website designing

An expert web designer knows how to make a website more powerful so as to draw the attention of the visitors. With the help of graphic designing, a web designer creates the website more attractive and eye-catching. After creating the wireframe, they then move to the designing phase and uses several designing principle as to offer an excellent user experience.

Their main responsibility is to design the final layout of the website using Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or sketch. For this, one should have a good command of graphic design and logo design. Web designers should keep themselves updated with all the latest design trends.

To attain the desired function, one should have a good feel for user experience in order to identify the simplest possible approach.

A front-end developer is the one who builds the interface. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript (JS), PHP and other programming languages are used by them to bring life to the website.

Website development is the numbers of activity which includes the knowledge of different technology. A web developer should ensure that the customers get all the functionality that he/she wants.

A web engineer takes a website, separate into its parts and afterward adds functionality to it. They present all the required information on the server and database.

They create the backbone of the website using languages such as PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor, earlier called, Personal Home Page) and MySQL. IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) is used by both front-end and back-end developers. By using this software application tools they code and build the structure of a website.

So, the above are some of the differences between a website designing and a web development. Both play a vital role in a website as they are incomplete without each other. Without them, the web would not exist.

There are many career opportunities in both professions. So, whether a fresher or an experienced candidate, they both can build their career in this field. There are various job portals which are updated with the latest job opportunities. You can take help from Monster Singapore if you are looking for a number of Singapore jobs. This leading job portal offers the platform where job seekers and employers can connect. Sign in and upload your updated resume to avail the benefits of job alert.

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What Is WordPress? And How To Use It To Create Website

These Day, Maximum People Familiar With WordPress, You can say WordPress is one of the best and very popular Open source and Content Management System (CMS) among other CMS, Where you can very friendly manage your website and its content. Nowadays every best website design company use of this platform, Which is based on PHP, MySQL.Today Too many Websites Build On this platform. You Can Create Different types of Website on WordPress, Such as Personal Website, Business Website, E-commerce Website, Question & Answer Website, Coupon Website, Portfolio Website and More other types of website you can create From here According to your requirement.

what is wordpress

WordPress Provide Us Two Different Types of Platform #WordPress.com and #WodPress.org.


If you want to create Website, Blog without any investment, Yes Its Possible Only on WordPress.com, For this You don’t have to pay for installation, Hosting and other management. It also Proves you Lot of option where you can easily Customizing your site. But you have to face one Issue in your domain address, in your domain name by default include “WordPress.com” For Example If your domain name is “www.xyz.com” After include “WordPress.com” Your domain look like “www.xyz.wordpress.com”. If you Don’t Want to Add “WordPress.com” With your Domain name then you have to take its Premium Upgrade Plan and then you are able to customize your domain address and remove all “wordpress.com” advertising. Where you can see Different types of plan Like Personal, premium, and Business You can select one of them according to your requirement Plan and services.



If you Want to Create any Business and Blogger website to make money from it than I will recommend you to select “WordPress.org” Where you can using self-hosting and also you are free and flexible to grow your Website. To start to create the site on this platform you need a domain name and  WordPress Hosting.  As you all know that Domain name is the address of your Website name on the internet such as “www.xyz.com” Web hosting, where your website files are stored on the internet or server. Hosting is one of the necessary services of our website, so I think we should select hosting services and its plan very carefully, too many companies provide you hosting services with different plans and offer,



How To Choose Right Domain Name For Your Business or Profession

Finding the right domain name can be a tricky business, and indeed, can mean the difference between success and failure in the online marketplace. As such, it is important to consider the following before choosing a domain name:

  •  FOR NEW SITES:  Depending on your branding angle, pick a domain name that is either highly brandable (meaning that it can be easily and positively associated with your product or service) or one that has your primary keywords in it. Use a short and memorable domain name. It is fine if it does not have your keywords in it if it is memorable. For serious, long-term
    websites, a memorable domain name will be one of the key ingredients to success.
  • If your domain name exactly matches your keywords Google places a relevancy bonus on your site. (ex: SeoBook.com ranks easily for both seo and seo book).
  • If you are going to be working in competitive fields, or if you will have large sites, you may want to use a different domain for each different language you are targeting.
    Examples of domain names I own: BlackHatSEO.com
  • Get Right Domain Extension : Depending on your targeting audience and area. If you are targeting audience of only india so it’s better to use .in extension its also help in SEO.