Must Know ON-Page & OFF-Page SEO Techniques 2017

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best & most valuable topics in Digital Marketing, We can say that SEO is the technic or process of improving the visibility of the website on Search Engine result pages LIke Google, Yahoo, Bing and More. Which is Organic, Natural, and Un-paid that means we don’t have to any payment of search engine result page(SERPs) for ranking.

SEO Techniques: (1) ON-Page SEO        (2) OFF-Page SEO 

ON-Page SEO: 

On-Page SEO In which we will do all thing on our website such as title, description, content, image Optimization, keyword stuffing, internal linking, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Sitemap HTML-XML, Schema etc. Overall the on-page technique means structuring or building your website to be search engine friendly.


OFF-Page SEO: 

Off-page optimization is the most important part of search engines optimization
because it gives backlinks to your sites and it requires a lot of work on daily bases. It helps to maximize website performance in search engine for target keywords. Off Page SEO Services are the best way to get more website traffic.




How to Improve Website Quality Score For PPC Campaign?


Google Provide Quality Score factors Only on Keyword Which Totaly Depend on your website’s content quality and its optimization factors. Google provides the quality score in Out of 10. If your quality score better than you have to pay the little amount in PPC(Pay per Click), so we must make sure that My Website Must be the best quality score.


We here discourse that How can we Improve Quality Score of my Website?

  • Know How to improve CTR – 

1.  The ad should be relevant to your Ad copy.

2.  The ad which you create in Adword must be unique and attractive.

3.  Ad Should be in Top 3 position on search engine result page.

4.  We must have to use Ad Extension to creating your Ad more attractive than competitor AD than your CTR must Be Increase.

5. For attracting and increase CTR we can use Call to action term(CTA) as like Save, 20% Off and Discount types of term we can use convince any user and customer.


  • Know How to improve Ad Relevancy –     

1.  We have to make sure that Ad must be relevant to AD copy.

2.  To Improve AD relevancy we use Sub Domain for example if your domain name than your subdomain name like    

 3.  We always do try to use insertion dynamic keyword when we create any Ad in PPC.

4.  We can use the keyword in the headline.

  • Know How to improve Landing page –     

1. When we create any landing page for any Ad group that time we makesure landing page should be relevant to your targeted keys

 2. For improving landing page we have to do content optimization, URL structructuring, Meta Optimization and more thing we can do to improve landing page.

 3.  When we create the individual landing page for individual services that time we can use keyword stuffing but we have to keep my landing page in robot.txt root-folder so that my landing page quality score keep increase.




Let’s Know that- how to make your website Search Engine Friendly ?


There Are some Few Tricks That Make your Website SEO Friendly :

  • We Should integrate Social media into your website: This is the one of the most important Factor to make your website Search Engine Friendly  For this, we must have to use social media element own website which helps to increase rank on Search engine result page and this fact is also useful to awareness of your website. therefore, when you create any types of website, make sure that you include social media icons on your website.
  • Make sure your URL is user- friendly and like a keyword: When you select any domain for you any company that time you make sure that your domain must be relevant and like keywords, this one is also useful to increase ranking on search engine result page.
  • image optimization: Many people only want to optimize the text only on their website, and no do the same thing for image so that they are not able to rank on search engine result page, I will be recommended you that you must have to do optimization also the images of your website which will be helpful to make SEO friendly, for image optimization, first of all, make sure that it is not toolage when you select images for your website, another thing is that image should be 30 to 100 KB and have a resolution of 73dpi. and also you have to use some keyword into the image tag’s attributes “Alt”,  this will help you come to Search Engine Result Page.
  • Use Keyword with the help of element on your Website: When we use any Element in any website we must have to use keyword into element’s attribute we can use elements like <img>  tag to optimise your website and title tags like H1, H2, h3, tag tags, website slogans, meta description, meta keywords, title-Attributes on link, Breadcrumb trails, footer link, URL’s, Filename, internal link, and folder also you can use for making your website SEO friendly.